Please do not fill this out unless instructed!

Please give yours along with your partners or someone who I can reach in case of emergency.

I know we have already talked but this is so I have it all in one place. (Also a lot of people fill this form out without contacting me first.)

This is completely optional, it just helps me to get to know you both better!

May I also have their number & email.

I always go through the traditional and some that I come up with on the spot, but are there any that you have seen done that you would really like to do yourself? And for specific events I am meaning things such as surprise gifts, surprise dances, really anything out of the tradition that you would like to make sure is covered, etc...

As always these are completely free. Consultations must take place in Circleville, Ohio.

Is there anyone in your wedding you know would not like their photo taken? (I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves, I don't want to make anyone feel like they're constantly having to be on edge or dodge me when I shoot.

I dress professionally, but some ceremonies require a specific dress code such as head coverings

I would never allow it to interrupt your day or workflow it's just something fun to add.

If so may I have their name & number

This gives me a chance to reach out before your day if needed to go over important details so we all know what to expect the day of. Also, let me know if you need help finding a specific vendor, I have a ton of connections.

And you're done!

Thank you so much!