Zion: $649

This package is perfect for the woman who wants a little bit of time to herself to feel beautiful! It comes with 45 minutes in-studio or a location of your choice, up to 9 digital images, professional retouching to make sure every image is as perfect as the woman in them and this comes with rights to print.

Yosemite: $1099

This package is for those wanting a little more and to be treated like a princess, it includes 2 hours, hair and makeup will be provided, up to 24 digital images, and professional retouching with rights to print. This is PERFECT for maternity sessions.

Grand Teton: $1,549

This package is for the woman who is wanting to have fun and take her time during her session. This package includes 3 hours of shooting time, hair and makeup, up to 39 digital images, professional retouching just to polish the already gorgeous images, and rights to print!

Joshua Tree: $2,199

Now this package here is a woman's dream come true.

In this package is 3 & a half hours of shooting time with hair and makeup provided, along with a tabletop 8x10 album. Many different outfits & props, light drinks & snacks are provided.

And the best part? You get every image that comes out, all professionally retouched and perfected.

You will be feeling like a queen for the day

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”
A boudoir session is something that is almost guaranteed to give your confidence a boost, you will be taking the time to stop and love yourself and your body so that you can see how truly beautiful and amazing you are! This is something I recommend every woman do in their lives.
I offer a free no obligation consultation to go over any details and address any fears you may have.
Each session includes utmost professionalism and discretion. I will not release your images or your name to anyone without prior approval from you.
Additional images can be purchased at $89/per image and will include full retouching.
The locations will be a private area and only those you allow and have hired (Myself, HMUA, Stylists, etc...) will be allowed on set at the time of your session. For on location Adventure sessions depending on the location I cannot promise privacy due to the nature of some locations popularity.
I offer a clientele wardrobe from sizes xs to 4xl. All cleaned and disinfected with care between each and every session.

Columbus, Ohio  Boudoir photographer.
Columbus, Ohio  Boudoir photographer.
Columbus, Ohio  Boudoir photographer.

Common Questions

Can I have the session in my own home?

Yes! I do offer in-home sessions, and I often suggest it for those that are a bit more nervous. Having them in your home does offer a bit more intimate of a session.

Will my photos be posted anywhere?

No! I only post images with your permission. I would never post any photo from your session without priorly asking you nor will I tell anyone you're having the session done, and if you don't want your images posted I will fully respect that. I have a complete privacy policy.

Can I choose my images?

The images are chosen by you in a private gallery that does not allow screenshots.

Can I bring my .....?

Yes! Bringing a spouse, family member, or friend to your session can help tremendously with nerves and help you better relax and enjoy the experience.

Do I have to wear lingerie or be nude?

No! Boudoir isn't just lingerie or showing your body, it's appreciating your self and what makes you beautiful & sexy. It's about building confidence and showing the glow you give to the world.
Showing you the you that everyone else sees.
You can wear a sweater, a button up, a fancy dress you like, or just a plain ole tee. It doesn't matter because you will still look amazing. Because you are amazing!

Do you offering in person showings for the final products?

Yes I do!
They do have to take place in Circleville, Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio Boudoir photographer.

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Columbus, Ohio Wedding & Boudoir photographer.

I had the honor to work with Adeva she is amazing and super professional she made the whole experience very comfortable and fun.. I loved how everything turned out and will definitely work with her again on more shoots!!

Columbus, Ohio Wedding & Boudoir photographer.